Typically used for digging trenches, holes orfoundations, excavators consist of a boom, dipper, bucket and cab on a rotating platform known as the house. These tracked or wheeled vehicles are also known as diggers, mechanical shovels, 360-degree excavators or trackhoes.

JCB 16C-1


2022 | Excavators | 500 Hours
Model year 2022. Hour clock reads 500 hours. This excavator is complete with expanding tracks, 2 speed tracking, is piped for a breaker, flashing beacon,…


2020 | Excavators | 3560 Hours
Model year 2020. Hour clock reads 3560 hours. This excavator is complete with 2 speed tracking, blade, offset, flashing beacon, piped for a breaker, full…


Hitachi ZX85 US


2019 | Excavators | 2365 Hours
Model year 2019. Hour clock reads 2365 hours. This excavator is complete with an automatic hydraulic hitch, dual flow auxiliary line, boom & dipper check…


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